The Head of Tire Materials Development

For our customers, tire material development service equals the whole tire material chain from choosing the suitable raw materials to the final tire compound recipes. Every detail is planned to meet with the product and process requirements and to respond to the current standards and regulations.

We are now looking for experienced and highly skilled professionals to our tire material development team. Depending on your experience and interest the role could be:

  • The Head of Tire Materials Development
  • The Development Engineer of Tire Materials

 Responsible areas for Tire Materials Technology including:

Raw Materials and Reinforcement Materials selection and Rubber Compound Development for PCR Tires and later also for TBR Tires.

  • Raw material selection, testing and approval
  • Development, testing and approval of new rubber compound recipes
  • Quality Control of tire materials
  • Rubberized reinforcement material specifications
  • Industrialization of Tire Materials in mixing department
  • Trouble Shooting of Tire Materials in Process
  • Technical expert in raw materials procurement
  • Contacts to Raw Material suppliers, Universities, Research Centers and Customers concerning on raw materials and rubber compounds.

Required Qualifications:

A successful candidate will have:

  • Master of Science in Chemical Engineering or Chemistry (or equal)
  • We are looking for professional-level experience in the material development of Tire or other Rubber Industries. Minimum 5-10 years’ experience in Tire or rubber industry.
  • Proficiency and Experience with the material laboratory operation, testing equipment and methods (rubber compound testing)
  • Proficiency with the leading new technologies in PCR development especially silica tread compound development and mixing technology
  • Excellent communications in English and French is advantage. Naturally interpersonal and organizational skills are needed in these positions
  • Location preferably on Finland (Tampere), but more important is that you ready to travel between 50-100 days per year

Apply now to join our highly skilled team. We promise you wide-ranging and challenging job in the growing company.

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Black Donuts Engineering Oy,  Vice President Raimo Perkiö, telephone: +358505151049, email: raimo.perkio(at)


Black Donuts Engineering Oy,  Vice President Sirkka Hagman,telephone: +358505232111,

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Location preferably on Finland (Tampere), but more important is that you ready to travel between 50-100 days per year


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